Reasons to Not Go Solar

Solar energy systems have many advantages, but only for some since every household is different. While we encourage installing solar panels, we also want to help homeowners make informed decisions. Therefore, in the following articles, we will discuss some reasons behind the decision not to install solar panels.

You might find a situation similar to yours described among the several factors below, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not install solar panels. It merely means you wouldn’t enjoy the full benefits of having a solar system installed on your roof.

4 Reasons Why Many Choose Not to Get Solar Panels

We can divide the reasons not to go solar into 4 main categories:

Technical Reasons:

  • Lack of space – when the roof is not unusable, and there’s no space in the garden
  • Difficulty in maintaining the installation in an efficient condition due to its position
  • Environmental obstacles, such as trees that cover the roof surface
  • Solar panels alone don’t make you energy independent if you want to go off the grid

Bureaucratic Reasons:

  • Homeowner associations don’t allow solar panels in certain areas
  • A building permit might be needed in some instances
  • Net energy metering calculation might change and nullify the economic advantages

Economic Reasons:

  • A solar project is a costly investment
  • Cheap electricity costs void the need to go solar
  • After calculating your unique case, you might find that solar panels don’t bring you many economic benefits
  • ITC – the federal tax credit might expire one day
  • Incentives are not available to every homeowner

Other Reasons and Some Misconceptions:

  • Installing solar panels reduces the market value of the house
  • Solar energy technology has boomed, and so have solar energy scammers
  • Solar is taking away many jobs

Technical Reasons Not to Go Solar

Every house is different because of the environment, year-round temperature, and sunlight hours. That being said, solar panels might not be the perfect choice for you if:

Your Home Lacks Space For a Solar System

Your roof type might not be strong enough to support a solar installation, and you might not have enough space in your garden, if any, for solar panels. A solar energy system requires enough space to work properly. Without it, you might end up having an inadequate installation for your energy needs.

A Solar System is Too Difficult to Maintain

Solar panels lose efficiency if they are not adequately cleaned. Dust, leaves, dead bugs, and other debris can compromise your panels’ optimal functioning and negatively impact the electricity they generate. Some homeowners might be unable to do that job by themselves because of the position of the solar panels or other personal circumstances.

There Are Trees In the Way

To benefit fully from a solar system, you might have to cut down some trees. So, if you like having tall trees in your garden and shade on your roof, rooftop solar panels might not be the best choice for you.

Solar Panels Alone Don’t Make Your Household Independent

Even with solar panels installed, your home could be affected by power outages. If your goal is to go off-grid, you’ll have to invest more money and purchase solar batteries and other power management systems.

Bureaucratic Reasons Not to Go Solar

Bureaucracy is notoriously an obstacle in some heavily regulated areas. Solar is no exception.

Homeowners Association (HOAs) Doesn’t Allow Solar Panels

Many states have laws overruling HOAs associations’ contracts that prevent homeowners from installing solar systems. If the HOA in your area has the last word on the matter, you won’t be allowed to buy any solar panels.

A Building Permit Might Be Needed in Some Cases

Depending on the type of structure on top of which you want to install a solar panel, a building permit might be required, especially if some renovations and additional structures are needed for the installation.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) Calculation Might Lessen Savings

Although it affects the economic aspect, the net metering calculation is a policy and can be voided or modified. Originally designed to promote investments in the solar industry, this policy is subject to changes that determine how much a homeowner can benefit from solar. Make sure you understand how NEM works in your state since that will impact your savings.

Economical Reasons

The main reason many go solar is the economic return that you can receive from it. If the return on the initial cost is too little or nonexistent, solar panels might not be a good choice for you.

A Solar Project Is a Costly Investment

Buying solar panels is an expense that not everybody is ready to deal with. Even though the project’s total cost repays itself many times over, not everybody can afford the initial cost, and some leasing solutions might not bring any economic benefit at all.

Cheap Electricity Costs Voids the Need to Go Solar

In some states, the power bills are so low that when compared with a solar power system, the difference might be too little to justify the high initial cost of solar.

You Might Find That Installing Solar Panels Doesn’t Bring You Economic Benefits

After considering your unique case, you might find that installing solar panels doesn’t bring economic advantages. If you’re thinking of going solar to save money, and you find out that you won’t save that much, then solar probably isn’t the best solution for you.

ITC and Other Federal Tax Credits Might Expire

Right now, several tax credit incentives make it easier to buy solar panels and save money on your purchase. However, that might change with new policies.

Incentives Are Not Available to Every Homeowner

Incentives try to benefit as many homeowners as possible, but not everybody can access them. Geographic location and how the incentives are administered might widely affect how much money you can save from going solar.

Other Reasons Not to Get Solar Panels and Some Misconceptions

Some of the reasons presented as deterrents to going solar might actually be misconceptions, which may include the following:

Installing a Solar Panel System Reduces the Market Value of Your House

The opposite is true. Research shows that besides being an investment in terms of savings on bills, homes with an installed solar system increase in value by up to 4% and are easier to sell.

Solar Energy Technology Has Boomed and So Have Solar Energy Scammers

Right now, there are thousands of solar installers and related companies, but not all of them are legit. The best way to find a reputable solar company for your project is to search for trusted installers like those you can find on our website. Thus, you’ll make sure to get in touch with a competent solar company and get professional service for a reasonable price.

Solar is Taking Away Many Jobs

Times are changing. The world is taking a step away from fossil fuels, and the job market is following quickly. Every new technology has faced the same criticism until it started to create more opportunities than losses.

The same is true for solar technology. Sales professionals, solar installers, maintenance experts, and solar panel engineers are just some of the new jobs that the solar industry has helped generate.

To Go Solar or Not to Go Solar?

Every set of circumstances is unique, and so is the decision to install a solar renewable energy system. In this article, we considered why some choose not to go solar. Some of those reasons refer to limited cases, and most homes can still take full advantage of solar installation.

If you find that solar power is not a good solution for you, you can probably still consider another form of renewable energy that best suits your situation. The choice of going solar is challenging, but we can assist you in making an informed decision.

If you’ve already decided to install a solar system, we can help you find a trusted and reputable solar company. Visit our website today to learn more about how we help homeowners find the best solar panel installers in the nation!

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