Installation of Solar Panels

With the rising cost of electricity, many homeowners are considering installing solar panel systems on their rooftops. However, you may be wondering:

  • Will a solar energy system help me save money?
  • How long is the solar installation process?
  • Is it easy to connect solar equipment to my existing electrical system?
  • Does it require additional equipment?

In this article, we’ll discuss some things to consider when deciding whether or not to install solar panels and the steps involved in a solar panel installation. Although it’s not an exhaustive solar panel installation guide, this will help you better understand how a solar panel installation works.

What Should I Know Before Installing Solar Panels?

Everybody wants lower electricity bills; thus, this is currently one of the best solutions to make that dream become a reality. Take a look below to see how you can benefit from a solar panel installation.

Consider Your Own Electricity Consumption

How much energy you need depends largely on how many electric appliances you have and how many of those you use simultaneously.

A home that houses a business using large appliances like ovens, washing machines, and dryers will obviously need more solar panels than a small household with very few appliances. This will make a difference in the system size you’ll require and the type of battery bank or solar batteries that may be installed.

Consider Incentives and Local Regulations

There are many tax incentives available for solar panel installations. Besides federal tax credits, you’ll likely also benefit from state tax breaks. With the federal tax credit alone, in some cases, you can deduct up to 30% of the solar panel installation costs from your federal taxes. Thus, it’s wise to look at the homeowners’ association guidelines before installing solar panels.

Solar Panel Installation Process

Here’s what will happen after you have found a solar installer through our website.

Site Visiting and Auditing

To choose the best system design, an engineer from a solar company will visit your home. They will evaluate the number of sunlight hours in your area and your roof type and determine if your roof is structurally sound to support the weight of a PV system.

A general evaluation of the electrical status and electrical work in the house is essential to guarantee the compatibility of the solar panel system with the preexisting electrical wiring.

Engineers from a solar company may assist with a home energy audit and provide some advice to help you save even more money.

Building Permits for Installing Solar Panels

Solar installers will take care of the paperwork involved in solar installations, like safety precaution requirements, zoning requirements, agreements with the local utility company for net metering, a power purchase agreement, and access to incentives. The whole process might take a few weeks, during which the company will keep you updated on the progress and ask you for some signatures from time to time.

Ordering Equipment and Installation

Because every house is unique, solar companies will make sure to order and install the right equipment for you, which may include the following:

  • Solar batteries
  • Single panels or a solar array
  • Solar inverter
  • Charge controller
  • Breaker panel
  • Wiring
  • Supporting equipment (like pole mounts and equipment to solder wires)

Although the process is relatively straightforward, it requires excellent electrical engineering skills. That’s why it’s always better to ask a professional to install solar panels. Some installer companies will give you the freedom to purchase the solar panels of your choice and help you choose energy-efficient lighting and other useful appliances.

Time to Flip the Switch?

The installation process’s last step is connecting the solar panels to the electrical grid. Unless there are glaring flaws in your solar installation, the local government authority will likely grant you permission to proceed. It is now time to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your new solar panel installation.

Why Install a Home Solar Panel System Today?

With the decreasing cost of solar power, the inviting solar panels cost, and the numerous tax incentives available, many have already decided to install solar panels on their roof. Advancements in research and materials have made new PV systems that produce renewable energy even without direct sunlight, opening solar power to areas where it was previously deemed ineffective.

Solar electricity is now not only cheap, but it’s currently the best clean energy system within reach of most house owners. There are many reasons to go solar right now, like going off-grid, limiting your carbon footprint, or even just lowering your energy bills.

Browse our website today to read more about solar system types and find local installers in your area. We can help you become the owner of your own power!

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